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About White Reef

It's not just about the sea.
For instance, take a few days to explore the diverse cafe culture unique to Okinawa.

Visit "Yachimun-no-Sato" in Yomitan, experience kayaking at "Bios Hill," and cap off the day with a cozy Italian dinner.

The next morning, embark on a tour of renowned "Okinawa Soba" restaurants in Nago and wander around the fishing ports...

Stay in Okinawa not just as a tourist, but as if you're returning home.

As a place filled with comfort and stability perfect for Okinawa enthusiasts,

White Reef reopens its doors as a hub for adults who cherish their time.

Aiming to provide a villa-like comfort that both returning guests and first-timers can enjoy,

we operate here at a leisurely "White Reef" pace.


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